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Important tips how to avoid jewelry tarnishing

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I always receive questions from customers regarding gold plated or gold filled jewelry.

Question usually is:

 - Will it turn overtime? 

- How can i clean jewelry which is turning?

I never received a question asking "How can I care about jewelry so it will not turn?"

I think it's good to know "The Prevention" before things happen, right?

This tips will be great help for keep your jewelry as new and avoid tarnishing.

We all love our jewelry and want to see it to last long! 

In fact it is possible if you know a few things. This knowledge will save you a high repair costs as well in future.

Suggestion #1

-- Keep it dry! 

Apply makeup, hairspray or any type of lotion before putting on your jewelry, they may contain harsh chemicals that may damage your jewelry overtime

Do not shower or swim in the pool or salty water with Silver, Gold plated of Gold filled jewelry.

Suggestion #2

- Buy jewelry polishing cloth. it's very inexpensive and helpful to keep your jewelry to look as new. After each wear gently wipe each piece of jewelry, clean it from make up and skin oils with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Suggestion #3

- Seal and store in an air-tight plastic baggie to prevent tarnishing when you are not wearing it.

Suggestion #4

- Never use abrasives chemicals or products to clean your jewelry. Any alcohol based products can tarnish gold and silver plating irreparably.

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